Know-how Exchange Programme (KEP) is a grant facility created in 2004 to support transfer of best practice and transformation experience from�CEI EU to non-EU Member States. The Programme originates from the conviction that economic development in non-EU MS can be strengthened by transferring sound approaches (good practice) already in place in more advanced CEI countries.

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In the CEI region, there are currently 9 EU and 9 non-EU members.
Even though the non EU Member States have undergone a significant reform process, in many areas they�still lag behind the countries who are now�part of the European Union.
On the other hand, the EU countries - especially those which joined the EU zone in 2004 and 2007 - possess valuable transition experience that could be used by those economies�undergoing a�similar harmonisation process leading to EU membership.
By financing capacity building and technical assistance projects in the non-EU countries carried out by experts from the CEI EU zone, the objectives of the�KEP are to:

arrow Strengthen economic and social advancement of the CEI�non-EU Member States;

arrow Help the recent EU members in their transformation from recipients to donors (emerging donors) of development assistance;

arrow Promote principles of foreign development aid and support international collaboration among institutions in CEI member countries.



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