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INFORMEST - Service and Documentation Centre for International and Economic Cooperation - was established under the Italian Law 9/1/91 n.19, with the objective to promote economic development and internationalisation processes.

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Informest promotes economic cooperation and provides strategic and operative support in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, the Newly Independent States as well as China, Mongolia and Vietnam.
In Italy, Informest has consolidated its reputation for excellence by becoming one of the four national agencies for cooperation in the area of South-East Europe (L. 84/01 for the Stabilization, Reconstruction and Development of Balkan Countries).
In South-East Europe Informest has implemented or is currently running a number of projects dealing with such issues as assistance to public institutions in pre-accession countries and support to their EU integration process; improvement of entrepreneurial environment; SMEs development and enhancement, territorial development, FDI support, tourism development, support to the adoption of EU standards and legislation, absorption capacities of local bodies, institutional building, EU policies, and others.

Informest also carried out a number of projects aimed at providing technical assistance and support to partnership development and capacity building in the field of development of local entrepreneurial resources and in the planning, promotion and implementation of actions aimed at enhancing the social and economic cohesion of Accession Countries, Western Balkans and other transition countries.
Informest has supported the Italy's Friuli Venezia Giulia region by providing technical assistance in the fields of territorial cooperation and EU structural funds for the programming period 2007-2013.
After having hosted the EIC IT388, since January 2008 Informest was a member of the Enterprise Europe Network in charge of the Knowledge Platform management for the internal coordination of information flows among the Consortium Partners.

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FIT4SMEs II – Final Publication

The BSO Profiles and the training proceedings publication is now available! You can download it here


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Know-how Exchange Programme (KEP) is a grant facility created in 2004 to support transfer of best practice and transformation experience from�CEI EU to non-EU Member States.
The Programme originates from the conviction that economic development in non-EU MS can be strengthened by transferring sound approaches (good practice) already in place in more advanced CEI countries.
In the CEI region, there are currently 9 EU and 9 non-EU members. Even though the non EU Member States have undergone a significant reform process, in many areas..
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